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Getting Our Youth Involved In Missions Around The World


Imagine a place where clean water is not always accessible, a place where going to the doctor for medical treatment is not always an option because doctors are not always available.  As a parent wanting to provide for your children but you cannot, and there is no assistance from the government to aid either.  I want to share with you this opportunity that our non-profit 501c3 organization, Healing Hope Harmony Community Outreach, has to send a young person from the community to visit the Dominican Republic.  In the Dominican Republic the group will travel to Puerto Plata, Santiago, San Pedro de Marcoris, Esperanza, Hato Mayor and Batoia.  There they will share in a mission experience of a lifetime.  During this trip this young person will participate in the following:

—a hospital mission clinic

—prison and school outreach program

—construction project


We hope that you can see the value this will bring and how it benefits the recipient of this mission trip.  The past several years we have focused on mission work in our communities this year we want to sponsor a youth to go on the foreign field.  A trip like this as you can image requires financial support.  Our organization needs to raise $3,000.00 by July 30, 2020.  The mission trip will take place July 10-24, 2020.  If you could support us in a financial way, we would be very grateful.  Most importantly we need your prayers that through this effort that our recipient will come home with a newfound appreciation for where we live, and be more compelled to aid and support those who are in need both home and aboard.


If you would like to help in this worthwhile effort with any amount you can give  by clicking the button below.

I want to thank you for your support financially and prayers in this endeavor.

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